5 Races every wine lover should run

Are you in love with wine? Well if you’re a runner who loves wine I have news that’ll have you all fired up for a run once again. I am talking about wine tasting races.

These races have grown in popularity and attract thousands of runners and wine lovers from across the country.

You’ll have the chance of running through mind-boggling landscapes and wineries. So here’s a list of races you should sign up for next.

Idaho half marathon

This race gets about 2000 runners every year and is held in the month of August. Though the place is famous for potatoes, wine is certainly the next big thing here. You have a variety of races to choose from depending on your level of expertise.

You’ll begin at the St Chappelle Winery and pass through various breathtaking orchids, vineyards and finally through the Snake River valley where you can enjoy a glass of wine and some music.


Fine Wine Half Marathon

With about 1500 racers finishing the race every year this half marathon is not one to be missed. It’s held in early July in Oregon.

Though the course may vary every year expect it to be slightly steep and while it does get challenging you’ll be awestruck by the scenic beauty around and wineries too but make sure you register ASAP for this one as the spots get filled up really quickly.

The best feature about this race is its unique medals that are shaped as wine labels.


Wineglass Marathon

This race is a New Yorkers favorite. Held late in October it gets the most finishers every year i.e. about 2500 due to a relatively smooth and flat course which ends at the Town Center where you’ll be treated to some local cuisine and wines.

Finishers are also presented with a wine bottle from the Pleasant Valley, one of the oldest vineyards in the region.


Water to Wine Half Marathon

Held in the state of California in early August this race has had about 2000 finishers every year and runs through 3 top notch wineries finally ending at the Kendall Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens. This is where you’ll be treated to some local wine and food. The last year’s race was sponsored by Concept 2 (read reviews here).

The course is perfect for newbies as its mostly a smooth road and the wine stopper finisher’s medal is worth the effort but what stands out most is the custom labeled wine provided to finishers of the Run Wine Country Series.


Harvest Stompede

This is a 5k race held in the heart of the Michigan Leelanau Peninsula which is covered with greenery and vineyards.

The race begins and finishes at the Ciccone Vineyard. You’ll come across fresh grapes along the course and at the end, you’ll get to take a plunge into a grape pool.

Competitors can later go visit the vineyards along the path and enjoy a sip or two. This race has held the end of September and has about 800 finishers.


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