Every runner should row and here’s exactly why

Running requires pretty much every muscle of the body especially the lower body ones like the glutes, hamstrings etc.

Apart from that the shoulder, arms etc. also play an important role but running alone cannot make them stronger.

For that, you need to improvise and over the years rowing has proved to be more than just effective not only because it strengthens every body muscle but also because rowing machines come cheap and are easy to use.

So here’s more in detail how it really works and why it’s so effective.

Strengthens upper Back Muscles

As you move your hands and shoulders back while performing the motion, many of your shoulder and midsection muscles are involved in performing this task.

One of the muscles known as Trapezius is responsible for the backward movement of your arms and shoulders, which provides stabilization and this muscle controls your neck and shoulders. Trapezius takes the help of rhomboids, which are located between the shoulder blades and spine.

Latissimus Dorci is the muscles located under the armpits, which helps in pulling back of the upper arms while trapezius works the shoulders.

This muscles is basically an extension of your arm and is covered partially by the trapezius muscles and is known to cover the mid to lower back area.


Leg Muscles

Hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus maximus are all part of the leg muscles which come into play during the ‘catch’. Hamstrings which are the most important leg muscles are used when you’re pulling your body back at the start of each rep.


Quadriceps, located in the back of your upper legs, are worked when you are going to the starting position and your knees are bent. Gluteus Maximus, although worked less, is still used to complete the motion.

Arm Muscles

Once you pull the handle towards yourself, your triceps will start working as soon as you extend your arms.

Biceps are located in front of your upper arm and get worked on when you bend your elbow and are trying to complete the rowing stroke by pulling towards your midsection.

Deltoids are the most important muscles in your arms which connect your humerus, shoulder blade and collar bone to your other shoulder muscles. This muscle is mainly used when you are releasing the handlebars while performing the action.

Core Muscles

When you are growing and need the pressure to move from your legs to the handle of the machine, you would need to use your core muscles to avoid any kind of back injury.

Your core muscles include erector spinae, obliques, and abs. Obliques are your mid area muscles and provide stabilization to your body ensuring that it is straight and not twisting.

Your abs are constantly used and bending your body back and forth. Erector Spinae is one of the most important muscles in your lower back and is more prone to injuries if not used with caution.

It is worked on both when you bend and push your legs or bend and straighten your back.

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